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What is Psychological Mindfullness Hypnotherapy and how does it stop clients smoking?*

Mindfullness and Clinical Hypnotherapy* has been shown to very effective for those who wish to stop smoking the world over. In Dublin we have seen a a lot of clients over the years who have tried a number of methods to stop smoking and having visited our stop smoking clinic have stopped after just one session.

It is not the case for everyone, as mentioned therapy is just  therapy, it helps people who wish to stop, it cannot make someone stop if they do not want to.

So if you wish to only stop smoking as your wife or doctor is telling you to stop, but you have no interest in stopping smoking then hypnotherapy/mindfullness is not for you.

However, if you wish to stop smoking, mindfullness/hypnotherapy can help. To give you an overview hypnosis is the Greek word for sleep, there are two types of hypnosis. Stage hypnosis which you normally see in a TV show or theater and clinical hypnosis or clinical hypnotherapy.

You would not go to a stage show to stop smoking? Therefore you would not come to a clinical hypnotherapist to be entertained.

Both styles of hypnotherapy are different, the training is different and few therapists do stage hypnotherapy and few stage hypnotherapists are psychologically trained as clinical specialists.

Clinical hypnotherapy uses progressive relaxation, like mindfulness, meditation or yoga. You know where you are at all times, you will not reveal your secrets but you will stop smoking.

Clinical Hypnotherapy gives you a heightened stage of awareness, not a lesser state of awareness, so you are more aware of your surroundings not less aware.


Medical and Psychological Benefits

  • Health issues (30% to 40% of cancers are directly related to smoking) plus heart attacks and strokes.
  • Stop putting poison into your body.
  • Help you children not to smoke by quitting (Modelling a parent is common from kids, this is the psychological term for how a child learns by watching a parent. Just like the good habits they get they also get the bad ones).
  • Second hand smoke. Smoking in the same environment as others especially children has a damaging effect on their health.
  • Stress (70% plus of smokers know smoking is bad for them and want to quit. So typically those who smoke are stressed because they smoke).
  • Financial issues (an average smoker spends over €33,000 for every ten years they smoke).
  • Ageing of skin (smoking makes the skin looks dead and lifeless).
  • Other illnesses (Smokers are prone to a variety of illness on top of cancer. These include chronic obstructive airways disease, chronic obstructive lung disease; chronic bronchitis; and Emphysema.) These breathing difficulties leave the patient which is like breathing through a straw in water due to damage to the lungs.
  • Social issues (Smoking is now one of the most anti-social activities).
  • Family issues (friction due to the smell, cost and damage of smoking).
  • Relationship issues (especially if you have a spouse or partner who does not smoke).
  • Smelling (no one is attracted to a smoker).
  • Control issues (Quitting gives you freedom and breaks the chains of control smoking has on you).
  • Feeling fit (within days of quitting you will feel able to breath and exercise must better).
  • Boost your confidence and self esteem (beating smoking with help you build your confidence in yourself which will lead to you feeling better about yourself and your life).
  • Smokers have the same amount of radiation on the bronchial tubes in a year as the skin would get from 300 chest x-ray’s.
  • Nicotine makes your blood vessels constrict, cutting down the flow of blood and oxygen to the entire body.
  • Carbon monoxide literally drives the oxygen out of the red blood cells, robbing your body for as a long as six hours after just one cigarette.

* Data from

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I put on weight if I quit smoking?

No, over eating and lack of exercise causes people to put on weight, smoking does not.

Will I be more stressed if I don’t smoke?

No, those who smoke are statistically more stressed then those who do not smoke. So having a cigarette because you are stressed is actually making you more stressed.

Will I save money?

On average smoking will cost you over €100,000 in a 30 year time period. That is €100,000 literally gone up in smoke. So are you ready to learn the financial reasons you should quit smoking?

Average Cost of €10 a day
Weekly €70
Monthly €280
Yearly €3,360
Five years smoking €16,800
Ten years smoking €33,600
Twenty years smoking €67,200
Thirty years smoking €100,800

*Disclaimer – stats given by

Why not check your personal savings on the caculator?

We often recommend you set a goal such a car or holiday and put the €10 a day you would have spend on cigarettes into a savings box. Within the first week you will have €70 saved. Within the first month nearly €300 and within the first year nearly €3,500.

When will I see the benefits?

After hypnotherapy you will be aware of the habit and have a desire to be a non smoker. You will want to be a non smoker and embrace the benefits it will give to your life, your new life.

From the moment you stop smoking the addiction will start to fade. Within a number of weeks, all the nicotine will have left your system.

You will start to see the benefits of not smoking within 24 hours of stopping.

Start now to get a new lease of life and start your new life as a non smoker.

Break Your Habit Today!

No matter how much we are told about the dangers of smoking, this destructive habit continues.

Why? In simple terms, it has become an ingrained habit in your life.

This habitual behaviour is directed by your subconscious mind, and therefore the most effective method to stop it is with hypnosis, because hypnosis works directly with your subconscious mind…the storage location of your habits.

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